Software INFOR 11

Effective implementation of cutting edge technology sets MAB apart as a leader in the integrated FM services market. The core of our technology integration into all aspects of our operations is the award-winning Enterprise Asset Management system, Infor 11. This powerful computer-aided facilities management system enables us to manage the full life cycle of our client assets in a fully transparent manner.


Infor11 gives our customers real-time visibility into the condition and performance of its facilities as well as the scheduled and reactive maintenance works performed. This enables clients to make informed decisions on asset upgrade requirements, long-term capital replacement requirements and overall asset value. All this translates into added value to improve our clients’ bottom line.


MAB’s Call Center

MAB operates a 24/7/365 call center to support all of our client’s facilities management services. Our dynamic call center features a state-of-the-art multi line system anchored to a single toll-free phone number. Able to handle more than 100 calls simultaneously, means we are capable of offering some of the shortest hold times in our industry.


Our call center is staffed with well-trained, experienced representatives who are specially trained in customer service operations. Our multi-lingual staff has the ability to immediately log all calls and requests into our INFOR based work management system for expeditious handling. This versatile system allows us to respond quickly to service calls anywhere in the region in a short time.